The Foundation for Canadian Comedy

The Foundation for Canadian Comedy (CANCOM) bolsters the creation of Canadian comedy content made and owned by independent professional comedy artists.

Our Purpose

The Foundation for Canadian Comedy (CANCOM) stimulates the creation of Canadian comedy at all critical junctures of comedy artists’ creative expression and the production of exceptional Canadian comedy Intellectual Property (IP). CANCOM’s financial support and service programs will enable comedy artists to explore their independent, creative journeys, as well as make professional artists in Canada competitive when responding to market-driven and regulatory demands for comedy content.

As a federally registered, not-for-profit incorporation, CANCOM supports comedy content being made and owned by Canadian comedy artists independently, as well as creates new models of collaboration. These new models benefit independent comedy artists and relevant Canadian comedy stakeholder organizations and government departments in the diverse, live theatrical performance and evolving digital media ecosystem.

Our Mission

To bolster the artistic expression of independent professional comedy artists and the creation of Canadian comedy intellectual property (IP) for presentation and distribution in Canada and the global digital market.

Comedy Grants

The CANCOM Comedy Grant program is the first federal grant of its kind in Canada exclusively for the full scope of comedy work created by Canadian comedians. The goal of this grant is to provide funding for original comedy projects by Canadian comedians.

The CANCOM Comedy Symposium is a series of hybrid events featuring professional development workshops for Canadian live comedy performance workers in artistic and technical occupations. All comedy industry stakeholders are invited to attend for free.

Literary Works Program

CANCOM is collaborating with Word Collections to offer our members access to their services at a CANCOM Member rate, as well as to develop future content creation by Canadian comedy artists.

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