Proposal Guidelines

The CANCOM funding infrastructure streams resources for development and creation of Canadian comedy IP made by independent Canadian comedians and comedy troupes, for the planning and development of their original intellectual property (IP) for presentation and distribution domestically and on the global market.

Applicants must create a CANCOM account profile. Thereafter, there is three-stage process to ensure impartiality, audited by an independent consulting firm. Initially applications are assessed using an Anonymous Gate, with no names attached, to verify they meet fundamental criteria and have included the proper documents. The next two stages of assessment are Group Consultations and Private Ballots by the assigned Peer Assessors.

Proposals short-listed by the Leadership Team through the Anonymous Gate will be assessed based on written materials submitted, as well as the budget template. Applicants must prepare detailed creative team, project description, value proposition, marketing plan and budget materials. At any stage during the assessment process, applicants may be given an opportunity to consult with CANCOM in creating, or modifying proposal materials. 

The primary criteria for acceptance by CANCOM will be the quality of the project and that it promotes Canadian production, investment and ownership of IP.

must be: 

  • Canadian citizens
  • Comedians or comedy troupes with a membership in good standing status with at least one Association, Union, Guild, or organization that is officially recognized by CANCOM for representing independent Canadian comedians.

Application Partners
must be:

  • Canadian businesses and a resident of Canada for tax purposes


  • Owned and controlled by Canadians


  • Incorporated in Canada


  • For CCD funding, an independent production company (Independent Producer), and any equity in the company owned or controlled by a television licensee or broadcaster-affiliated company being less than 30%.


  • Creative Team (10 points)


  • Project Description (25 points)


  • Value Proposition (20 points)


  • Marketing Plan (25 points)


  • Budget (20 points)

This is just a snapshot of the Proposal Guidelines, with the complete details, as well as the Evaluation Process, becoming available in the very near future.

Projects and Collaborators

Ontario Creates, Business Intelligence Program (BIP)

In December 2020 The Foundation for Canadian Comedy (CANCOM) announced the results of Profile and Value Chain Analysis: Ontario Comedy Content Creators, a year-long research effort conducted to develop the first-ever profile of Ontario’s comedy sector, with funding from Ontario Creates and in partnership with the independent consulting firm Nordicity.


The announcement included key findings from the study, with remarks from CANCOM, Ontario Creates, Nordicity and a short panel discussion with other stakeholders.

“…Profile and Value Chain Analysis: Ontario Comedy Content Creators offers timely intelligence and analysis about the important role comedy creators play in the development of successful screen content. The valuable insights provided by this report will help the screen sector strategize for developing and retaining Ontario comedic talent….” -Karen Thorne-Stone, President & CEO, Ontario Creates

Financial support for the project was provided by ACTRA Toronto, Just for Laughs/Group Juste pour rire, (JFL), Project 10 Productions Inc., SOCAN, and Andrew Barnsley Productions Inc., in addition to other stakeholders who expressed written support.


Final Report, Comedy Creators

CANCOM’s partner in executing and reporting the results of the project is Nordicity

Nordicity  is a leading international consulting firm providing private and public sector clients with solutions for Economic Analysis, Strategy and Business, and Policy and Regulation across four priority sectors:

  • Arts, culture and heritage;   

  • Digital and creative media;    

  • Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and innovation; and,   

  • Telecommunications and spectrum.   

Nordicity has emerged as one of Canada’s leading consultancies specializing in the economic and statistical analysis of the screen-based sector. Nordicity’s leadership is exemplified by its longstanding involvement in the production of the Canadian Media Production Association’s (CMPA’s) annual economic profile of the audiovisual sector. Profile 2018: An Economic Report on the Canadian Screen-based Production Industry in Canada (“Profile”), represents the latest edition of what has become Canada’s authoritative compendium of audiovisual statistics and economic data.

The Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch & Improv Comedians (CASC)

CASC was established in July 2017 as an association for aspiring and established professional Canadian comedians, including stand-up, sketch, and improv artists. 

CASC’s mission is to build a thriving and dynamic comedy industry in Canada, by: engaging Canadian comedians through advocacy, career opportunity, and support for programming; as well as professional development, improved labour mobility across international borders, and industry education. 

CASC strives to support individual Members in all aspects of their career and drives policy action with all stakeholders in the Canadian comedy business