To bolster the creation of Canadian comedy intellectual property (IP) for presentation and distribution in Canada and the global digital media market.


  • To sustain an economic and development infrastructure that fosters employment, investment, and production opportunities in the creation of Canadian comedy IP, including produced media and live performance.
  • To stimulate content creation and promote the professional activities of individual or groups of comedians, (writers and performers), and introduce new models of collaboration with industry stakeholders in the private and public sectors.
  • To implement funding programs that increase the creative output, profitability and competitiveness of Canadian comedy industry stakeholders, improving their financial sustainability and growth on the global export market.
  • To keep Canadian comedy industry talent living and working in Canada, and increase their opportunities to maintain all rights and interests (including copyright) in the IP they create.

Board of Directors

The Board will have the authority to implement and establish the vision of the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, responsibility for its decisions related to CANCOM’s operating budget and its funding decisions relevant to the allocation of any revenues received, which will be managed by its Executive Director and their Leadership Team personnel.

The Board will also approve and supervise the implementation of an effective application and objective appraisal process for CANCOM’s funding decisions, as per the foundation’s Proposal Guidelines.

The Board of Directors is elected by CANCOM Members and Member organizations.

There are up to fifteen (15) positions on the Board, with inaugural directors including:


A Board of Directors made up of individuals with interests in the Canadian comedy industry will govern CANCOM. 

Adam Growe, Chair
Adam Growe, ChairComedian, TV Host
Adam Growe is currently the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians (CASC), and is the founder of The Foundation for Canadian Comedy (CANCOM). For over 30 years, Adam has been performing on radio, television, stage, and at conferences and events. In addition to hosting Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, Adam is an accomplished stand-up comedian starring in Just for Laughs, Comedy NOW!, CBS’s Star Search, and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. His career portfolio includes event and conference Host/MC, moderating panels, keynote presentations, and one-man shows. Adam also coaches executives in public speaking and leadership communications, as well as teaches private courses as a certified Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor. He and his wife have three kids and live in Toronto, where they foster babies with the Children’s Aid Society.
David Sparrow
David SparrowACTRA National, President
David Sparrow is the National President of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA). David crashed an audition in 1989 and wound up in the Second City’s National Touring Company out of Toronto, Canada. It was the most fun he’d ever had and since that time he has brought laughter to bellies across North America. A proud ACTRA member since 1992, David has appeared in over 100 Canadian and U.S. film and TV shows as well as commercials and animation. Equally at home in front of the camera or behind the microphone, David’s career has taken him from stage to film and television, and from performing to writing and directing. Credits include: Serendipity, Corner Gas, Star Trek Voyager, Little Mosque, Odd Squad and many stage productions. He has voiced hundreds of radio spots and characters for cartoons like JoJo’s Circus and Totally Spies. He has directed for the stage, for corporate films and as a writer, has completed four films, a TV pilot, hours of sketch comedy, a children’s book and the parody theatre hit, The Honey Murders, which played to sold-out crowds in Los Angeles. David has served on ACTRA National Council since 2007 and as a member of several ACTRA negotiating teams. He is also a proud member of ACTRA’s sister unions EQUITY and SAG-AFTRA.
Jeff King
Jeff King is responsible for strategy, licensing, distribution, international, information technology and corporate planning at SOCAN. He is accountable for SOCAN’s revenue and expense management for key operations. Since joining SOCAN in 2001, Jeff has held a number of senior positions throughout the organization and lead initiatives that significantly heightened member and licensee satisfaction.

Leadership Team

The Executive Director (ED) is responsible to the Board and is responsible for creating, proposing and managing the foundation’s annual operating budget, as well as the structure and definition of the foundation’s respective funding streams. 

The ED will consult with the leadership team under their supervision to determine the final recommendations for successful funding recipients and present them to the Board for approval. The ED’s other responsibilities include: monitoring the progress and results of all successful applicants for the duration of their funding contract, and report all findings regularly to the Board; and, developing policies, strategies and procedures to recommend to the Board and carrying out any such policies and directives they approve.

The Program Manager (PM) is responsible for executing the directives they receive from the ED related to the implementation and management of the foundation’s funding streams. The PM evaluates employee, contractor and volunteer candidates specifically related to the administration of the foundation’s funding streams.

The PM oversees the Proposal Guidelines, which includes: receiving and categorizing application proposals; the administration of the evaluation process; summarizing assessments provided through the jury process; informing all applicants as to the status of their proposals; and tracking outcomes and results.

The PM also reviews the challenges and opportunities for improvement of the application, evaluation, and administration process with all Leadership Team members and presents outcomes and success story data, as well as a summary of recommendations to the ED.

Peer Assessors (Assessors) are short-term contractors who, in consultation with other Assessors, are responsible for evaluating the merit of proposals submitted to the foundation’s funding streams in terms of whether they satisfy the criteria described in the Proposal Guidelines. 

Assessors are contracted based on their experience, knowledge, impartiality, and credibility within the Canadian comedy industry. The PM assigns Assessors categories and a selection of applicants to assess, as per directives from the ED. In determining recommendations for successful applicants for funding, Assessors must follow a strict evaluation, privacy, and documentation process that is audited by an independent consultant. 


CANCOM Members may be organizations or individuals representing organizations from, or supporting, industries associated with comedy, including digital media, film, television, publishing, broadcasting, and live presentation. The members constitute CANCOM’s trade organization initiatives to promote and develop opportunities to advance their common interests, and the interests of Canadian comedy IP from independent Canadian comedy artists.


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