The CANCOM Board of Directors continues to evaluate the market for royalty payments on copyright licenses that exist for spoken word comedy recordings, which include:

  1. Sound Recording (the recording of the words performed)
  2. Literary Work (the words themselves; the writing)

CANCOM has conducted information sessions and outreach to comedy artists, industry stakeholders and the companies that have established the mechanisms to collect royalty payments on these and other types of licenses.

CANCOM is pleased to be collaborating with Word Collections to offer our Members access to their services at a CANCOM Member rate, as well as to develop future content creation by Canadian comedy artists.

As our preferred service agency, Word Collections is dedicated to ensuring that comedians are paid for their Literary Works licenses on content which is distributed through Spotify, Apple Music, AM/FM Radio, Digital Radio, Amazon Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, Deezer, Peloton, TikTok, Twitch, Roblox, Snap and others.

CANCOM has negotiated unprecedented benefits in our collaboration with the proactive leadership of Word Collections, which include: a more accessible rate for the service provided to CANCOM Members, a contribution by Word Collections to CANCOM’s funding programs for the creation of new content by Canadian comedians, and a balanced strategy in the market to help ensure a sustainable economic landscape for all comedy content stakeholders.

As a CANCOM Member, you are not automatically enrolled in a service agreement with Word Collections. CANCOM Membership is FREE and makes you eligible for the preferred Member rate and you are given the opportunity to indicate that you are interested in pursuing information about a service agreement with Word Collections.

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You can indicate in the Membership process if you are interested in having Word Collections contact you about their service agreement. Indicating your interest is only consent for CANCOM to share your relevant contact information with Word Collections, after which one of their representatives will reach out to you directly. The service agreement you enter with them will be between you and Word Collections. CANCOM does not make any money on your royalties and any relevant royalties collected on your behalf will be distributed to you directly by Word Collections.

For privacy reasons, we are required to inform you that by indicating you are interested in having Word Collections contact you about their services, CANCOM will provide them with your Member contact data, and this data will be made available to Word Collections, a company based in the United States. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

You can learn more about Word Collections here:

While not all of them work in the arena of collecting royalties on spoken word literary work copyright licenses, there are other companies operating in the landscape of collecting royalty payment on copyright licenses, such as:

CANCOM advises all Members to select the representation of their rights that best fits their circumstances.