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Applications must be received by the CANCOM Selection Committee prior to 11:59pm PST, February 12th, 2023.

Applicants will be notified of their results by March 31st, 2023.

Comedy Grants 2023, Program Fund II


Provide the name and contact details of one contact person responsible for your application.

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Phone Number

Postal Code

Membership ID*

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*All members of troupes or duos applying for a CANCOM Comedy Grant must be CANCOM Members, but only the Contact Person’s Membership # is required to complete the application.

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3. Health, Safety, and Anti-Harassment Policy

I have read and agree to CANCOM’s Health, Safety, and Anti-Harassment Policy.

4. Guidelines

Please read the Application Guidelines: CANCOM Comedy Grant Guidelines 2023

I have read the Application Guidelines

5. Project Name

This is a reference for you and the CANCOM Comedy Grant Selection Committee to identify your grant application.

Project Name

6. Project Type

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Project Type

7. Project Description

What is your project, who is involved and why should it be made?

Describe your project and identify your objectives in creating it. What are the artistic/comedic values it will demonstrate, and why should it be made?

Include information on the creative team and other key collaborators, as well as a project timeline.

Which audiences will engage with your work and where?

Project Description

8. Timeline

Offer a brief outline of when and how you will complete this project. For projects eligible for the funding, include an estimated deadline for submitting your final edited project.

Projects that have begun before the application deadline are not eligible for the CANCOM Comedy Grant.

Project Timeline

9. Underrepresented

If you identify as an underrepresented artist in Canadian comedy, how so?

10. Artistic Growth and Advancement

How will the CANCOM Comedy Grant for this project advance your career?

What risks are you taking with the project?

How does this project push Canadian comedy forward, artistically?

11. Marketing Plan

How are you going to let people know about your project and engage them?

Identify your project’s target market/audience. What is your strategy for making the project discoverable to this audience?

12. Budget

How will you afford the scale of the project for which you’re applying for a grant?

Use the provided CANCOM Comedy Grant Budget Template to identify expenses associated with: Creative Team (including artist fees), Marketing and Production.

Your budget should be, above all, reasonable. Does this budget pay for what you need? If not, where will other funding come from?

Ensure you are allocating fair pay for your artists and offer details on the amount of compensation being offered per hour, day, or week.

CANCOM will assess the alignment between allocation of resources and the plan, including any additional resources, to ensure the project budget is of manageable scope.

The CANCOM Comedy Grant can account for all, most, or part of your overall project budget.

Use this Budget Template and upload your version below. CANCOM Comedy Grant, Budget Template 2023

13. Links & Uploads

Include your budget below. Plus, you have an option to include links to, or uploads of, existing written or produced examples of your creative work and/or its creative team, and/or support letters from other comedy industry references. These can be associated with the project, or previous artistic work. (All video clips should be under 5:00).

14. CANCOM Comedy Grant Recipient Final Report

Successful applicants are required to submit a short (two page) report upon completion of the project.

Details in your final report should include:

-The final makeup of the creative team and key collaborators

-The achievements of the projects’ stated objectives

-The reach and engagement of the marketing plan

-Any relevant critical acclaim and media coverage

-A status report on the project and final outcome/samples to be included on CANCOM’s Website and social channels.