CANCOM cultivates creative activities by independent artists at the earliest stages of the comedy IP value chain and, further along the chain, fosters partnerships that are strategically designed to take top Canadian creators to market for success in the new digital media ecosystem. 

By creating a large, experienced talent pool of comedians, (writers and performers), who are poised for success, CANCOM’s funding streams bring market-ready Canadian creators into collaboration pathways with teams of experts. 

The two funding stream categories, (Open Proposal and Partnership Proposal), function together to increase domestic talent pools and help expand Canada’s export strategy to present Canadian narratives and creative expertise to the international market in new digital media platforms.

The Open Proposal stream is directed at individual comedians or comedy troupes, and Partnership Proposal stream is directed at comedians in strategic partnerships with comedy stakeholders such as independent production companies.

Open Proposal

Open Proposal resources will support and promote the professional activities of independent comedians, as well as improve their marketability on the global stage and in future CANCOM Partnership Proposal applications. The Open Proposal funding streams include:



  • Albums
  • Podcasts
  • Social Engagement
  • Multi-stream
  • Collaboration


  • Web Series Trailers
  • Showcase Sizzles
  • Specials
  • Social Engagement
  • Multi- stream
  • Collaboration


  • Touring
  • Showcase
  • Event
  • Special Interest
  • Social Engagement
  • Multi- stream
  • Collaboration

Recipients of Open Proposal funding will be better positioned to reach new audiences within Canada, including remote regions, as well as global audiences, without having to permanently leave Canada. Plus, the foundation will facilitate these opportunities so that individual Canadian comedians have opportunities to maintain all rights and interests in the IP they produce.

“Social Engagement” can be considered as an element to include in all proposals, and applicants have an opportunity to present a project that is primarily focused on content for social platforms. Any such audio, video, live-to-social performances, written work, or visuals must be, in itself, creative content and not merely an advertisement.

Applicants will have an option to identify a “Multi-stream” proposal for funding that will assign resources to more than one stream in a single application, (e.g. an individual comedian’s, or comedy troupe’s, live performance “tour” with the intent to record an album).

Applicants will also have an opportunity to identify a “Collaboration” proposal for funding assigning resources to them in association with building support for an event, series of events, or project that will also benefit other applicants, or comedians. (e.g. a live event featuring multiple comedians, or comedy troupes, performing content that is recorded for broadcast; a writer’s collaboration with performance talent).

Partnership Proposals

This funding stream establishes a new model of collaboration between independent comedians with other comedy stakeholders, such as production companies, broadcasters, distributors, record labels, telecommunications companies, specialty channels, over-the-top (OTT) enterprises, event producers, tour promoters, venues, and social media companies.

Partnership Proposals will build Canada’s brand as an international comedy content producing nation by engaging comedy creators at key junctures in the value chain to increase the amount of IP from Canadian comedy talent being developed, presented and promoted in and for the international market. The focus will also be on assigning resources to address crucial markers of success, as well as to transform market channel challenges into opportunities for success for Canadians.

This unique approach will also help create collective leverage for retaining talent, production, and investment in Canada, as well as opportunities for innovative Canadian comedy creators to maintain all rights and interests in the IP they produce.

Partnership Proposal applicants will submit proposals with a focus on receiving resources to support their requirements in the following areas, (including, but not limited to, the specific elements listed):


  • Artist social media profile building, strategy, engagement and promotion

  • Artist social and digital media appearances and cross-promotions


  • Legal and export strategy

  • Logistics, networking, administration

  • Domestic and international artist appearances and showcases


  • Web Series Pilots/TV and Film Trailers/Showcase Sizzles and Demos

  • Shareable IP for social; written, images and videos

  • Pitch Presentations, Scripts, and Series Synopses/Outlines/Bibles

CANCOM funding recipients will be better positioned for success in reaching new audiences within Canada, including remote regions, as well as global audiences. Maximizing their potential to create jobs, production opportunities and attract investment, CANCOM partnerships will assist Canadian comedy creators in formulating strong strategies to take advantage of new opportunities in a rapidly evolving digital media market.