Applications will be open for submissions soon. In advance, CANCOM needs comedians to help assess grant applications. 

If you are a comedian and prepared to dedicate approximately 20 hours over a six-week period starting in October 2021, please respond by filling out the form below. Selected Peer Assessors will be paid an honorarium of $400. Please include your CV and respond to the questions on the LINK below.

NOTE: The content created by grant recipients will be 100% owned by the comedy artists. The premiere broadcast of any content created with support from the grant, however, will be posted on the comedy artists profile. There are no fees for setting up this profile or broadcasting the content, and after a period of 90 days, the comedy artist can post their content anywhere else. 

CANCOM has established the first-ever national funding streams for Canadian comedy artists.  Canadian comedians have never been able to apply for funding at a national level as comedians. 

In order to evaluate the foundation’s infrastructure, CANCOM is launching this pilot campaign that will model how funding will be streamed in the future to sketch, improv and stand-up comedians (individuals and troupes).