Become a Member. All Members share an interest in, and benefit from, the specific service activities and funding initiatives that CANCOM undertakes.

Artist Membership is free for individual comedy artists (performers and writers) living in Canada or abroad. Artist Members can register for CANCOM development programs and grants, and receive industry information about service, employment and income opportunities CANCOM is leveraging in the comedy landscape.

Individuals are Class B, Non-Voting Members

Industry Membership is dues-based for organizations or individuals representing organizations from, or supporting industries associated with comedy. These organizations include, but are not limited to: digital media, film, television, production, publishing, promotions, distribution, broadcasting, venues and festivals, training and education centres, and live theatrical presenters.

Industry Members are comedy arts organizations that constitute CANCOM’s trade organization initiatives to promote and develop opportunities to advance their common interests, and the interests of cultural expression and comedy IP from independent Canadian comedy artists. Industry Members can vote on electing Board Directors and other Foundation motions regarding the CANCOM Constitution, By-laws and Budgets.

For more information on becoming an Industry Member and the relevant dues, contact

CANCOM collaborates as a unified comedy community at a national level to collect and share vital industry intel, network and inform the comedy arts community, provide professional development programs and increase audiences for independent comedy artists.

Become a member to register with Word Collections

CANCOM is collaborating with Word Collections to offer our members access to their services at a CANCOM Member rate, as well as to develop future content creation by Canadian comedy artists.

As a CANCOM Member, you are not automatically enrolled in a service agreement with Word Collections. CANCOM Membership is FREE for artists and makes you eligible for the preferred Member rate and you are given the opportunity to indicate that you are interested in pursuing a service agreement with Word Collections.

Indicating your interest is only consent for CANCOM to share your relevant contact information with Word Collections, after which one of their representatives will reach out to you directly. The service agreement you enter with them will be between you and Word Collections.

For privacy reasons, we are required to inform you that by indicating you are interested in having Word Collections contact you about their services, CANCOM will provide them with your Member contact data, (which you’ve already provided) and this data will be made available to Word Collections, a company based in the United States.

If you are interested in having Word Collections contact you about their service agreement, please register to become a member. You will receive an email with your membership number. This is needed to complete your Word Collections registration.

Read more information about Spoken Word Comedy Copyright Licenses And Royalty Payments

For the CANCOM By-Laws, click here: (PDF view and download)


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